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David Heras, your Psychotherapist and counsellor in Barcelona

Hi, I am David Heras Sopena, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Psicòleg General Sanitari), Psychotherapist and counsellor, who provides integrative psychological treatments and who has specialized in John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, a science based approach. I offer psychotherapy services to adults, to children and teenagers and their families, but also to couples.

Education and licenses:

  • Licensed Psychologist with license number 25,146.
  • Master in Clinical Psychology at the UdG (University of Girona). Final Master’s Thesis on the treatment of trauma in adults, according to an intervention based on Attachment Theory.
  • Update course on the Attachment Theory by the International Attachment Network.
  • Licensed Humanistic Psychotherapist by the FEAP (Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists).
  • Training, clinical internship, and collaboration as a psychologist in “CHMC – El Centre de Cornellà”, where a psychoanalytic approach is applied. I have broadened this clinical internship and collaboration by studying several courses at the Catalan Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. 
  • Course on Integrative Psychotherapy: Trauma and Attachment. 
  • EMDR: Basic Protocol, Advanced Protocol and course on Dissociation and EMDR.
  • Streaming online courses on the “Parcuve” method, which combines neurobiology and attachment in order to understand and treat psychopathological disorders, such as OCD, panic attack disorder, depression or eating disorders.
  • Expert in Children Integrative Psychotherapy course, which is based upon the Attachment Theory.
  • Course on Couple’s Therapy from an integrative approach, based upon the Attachment Theory.
  • Meditation at AZI (International Zen Association).

This is an overview of my certifications and studies, you can view my full psychologist resume on LinkedIn.