Family counselling in Barcelona

As a family psychologist, I have seen how family dynamics sometimes lead to the appearance of symptoms in children and suffering for both child and parent. Treating the bond between parents and children will promote healthy dynamics and provide tools to avoid behavior or emotional problems in children, and result in greater well-being for all its members.

Family counselling is recommended:

  • In the contexts of negative or toxic family dynamics.
  • In the event that a child experiences disruptive symptoms or some type of disorder.
  • In the event that parents need advice on how to relate to their children to create a healthy bond.

What is family counselling

In this sense, family counselling, also called family psychotherapy, resolves flawed family dynamics, offers tools to create healthier dynamics, enhances children’s emotional health and development, as well as being a preventive factor to avoid the development of psychopathological disorders in children. It also reduces the presence of psychological symptoms in children.

In addition, within the framework of family psychotherapy, advice on how to create a secure base in children is offered, as well as on how to reduce the presence of insecure elements in the attachment bond with parents.

This is not only an opportunity to help improve family dynamics but also to constitute a protective factor for children, enhancing their emotional health and helping avoid the development of psychopathological disorders in the future.

My approach in the family therapy sessions is relational and based upon the Attachment Theory. Online family counselling and in-person sessions last 55 minutes and cost €80. If you are looking for professional family counselling services, feel free to contact me.