Couple’s psychotherapy is suitable to address aspects of both the relational dynamics that need to be reviewed, as well as relationship crisis. To begin a couple’s therapy process both parties need to feel the will to commence it. In the event that only one side feels motivated to begin couple’s psychotherapy, starting individual therapy is recommended, and through this approach there is a greater chance an improvement on the relationship can be produced.

Throughout couple’s therapy one can become aware of what separates each side, the resentments between the partners, and the dynamics of conflicts and miscommunication between each partner. It is working on these aspects that we can learn to generate skills to relate in a more responsible, healthy and mature way, and where we can learn to understand each other, communicate with our partner, and create a more fulfilling relationship.

The cost of a couple’s one hour and fifteen minutes therapy sessions is € 70.  Either in-person or online sessions are offered (in English, Catalan and Spanish). If you are interested in starting a couple’s therapeutic process, do not hesitate to contact me and an interview will be arranged.

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