Gestalt therapy is focused on the awareness of our life in the here-and-now, and the responsibility we can undertake. Gestalt therapy brings the opportunity to give an end to what Fritz Perls, its founder, called “unfinished business”, that is to say, the burdens we carry from our past experiences, so that we can live a more coherent and happier life in the present. Gestalt therapy is suitable for both: situations of minor pain, examples include pain due to a moment of confusion, low self-esteem, and the rise of negative emotions such as post-breakup sadness; and for situations of major pain such as anxiety and depression.    
I am a licensed Psycologist and Gestalt therapist providing English-speaking counseling and therapy. Being able to express yourself in your mother tongue during therapy can make a difference in the process of healing. If you are an English speaker interested in starting a therapeutic process, you can call 629 28 84 83, or email me at
Gestalt therapy in English